Lake Worth Patient Success Stories

We  value  our patients’  experience  at Advanced Healthcare of the Palm Beaches.

Please view our Patient Success Stories below:

Audrey Jones

“I am a 66 year old tax professional, with scoliosis since childhood.  In 1991, I feel out of a hammock, and injured my upper back.  By 4:00 p.m. most days, I had to lay down flat on my back to try to relieve the pain.  Since I’ve been getting adjusted by Dr. Dave, the pain has disappeared.”

What treatments did you try first?

“I tried using pillows, exercises, and back supports.”

What has chiropractic done for you?

“I have straighter posture, more energy, and I breezed through tax season this year with no pain.  I stopped reaching for the back support belt after 5 months of getting adjusted.”

Update:  I am now 1 in. taller, I can reach the top shelf in the kitchen, my cholesterol has gone down 100 pts., and my triglycerides have gone down 200 pts.

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