3 Tips for Creating Good Spinal Health

 When thinking about being healthy, we usually think about exercise and nutrition first.  However, if we are not considering spinal health as well, we are missing a key component to building good health.So how can we encourage good health?  Here are 3 tips to remember that will help.

3 Tips for Building A Healthy Spine

#1 Pay Attention to Posture

We sit every single day and its easy to forget about her posture.  Most people sit behind a desk for work and our posture declines has the day progresses.  Did you know that the average American sits for 11 hours a day?  No wonder it is said that sitting is the new smoking. Its easy for our posture and our spines to suffer if we are not paying attention.  We can all benefit from a more active lifestyle which can positively effect our health.Quick Tip: Set an alarm for every 30 minutes to an hour to get up and walk around.  Your spine and your back will thank you.

#2 Stretch it Out

Stretching is an easy exercise that anyone can do at any time and any where.  Once again, this simple exercise is overlooked by many.  Stretching can be done to keep flexibility in your muscles, reduce pain and tightness and can prevent injury.Quick Tip: Simple neck and back stretching within normal planes of motion are quick to do as soon as you wake or at your desk while at work.

#3 Visit your local Chiropractor

Chiropractor are specialist in spinal structure and the muscle surrounding it.  Chiropractors are versed in different treatment methods to help those that prefer a manual chiropractic adjustment and those who prefer instrumentation.  To begin improving your spinal health, it starts with getting a simple chiropractic adjustment to align the vertebra in your spine.  Removing the interference within the spine can improve the root cause of your symptoms.  A healthy spine can create a healthy body and your chiropractor can help.  Make an appointment at your local chiropractor and experience this non opioid and non surgical treatment for yourself.Quick Tip:  If you prefer an adjustment done with instruments instead of a manual one done with hands, call for appointment and ask ahead of time.  The person should be able to inform you if adjustments at the office can be done with instruments.