What to Expect

At Advanced Healthcare, our main goal is to provide the best care possible to help you achieve your desired results.  We know that each disciple in healthcare has their own approach to correcting health problems.  Many times, these specific approaches can become close minded to their own methods.  This can be counter to overall goal, which is getting the patient better in the shortest amount of time possible.  At Advanced Healthcare, we incorporate the best of all disciplines to achieve the best results possible.  We combine advanced techniques from physical therapy, spinal rehabilitationchiropractic, physical medicine, functional medicine, natural treatments, massage therapy and acupuncture.  By doing this, we can design custom made treatment program based on your specific goals.


First Visit visit_consultation

On your first visit, our doctors and team of healthcare professionals, will take the time during a consultation to find out exactly what your concerns are, and what factors have contributed to them.  Many times factors that may seem unrelated could be contributing to your health problem.  This can include: traumas, family history, dietary and nutritional factors, emotional factors and problems in other areas of the body.  The consultation will help our team determine the correct type of examination and tests to order.

After the consultation, a physical examination will be performed.  The physical examination may include:

  •  Spinal and muscle palpation             exam1
  •  Range of motion testing
  •  Orthopedic testing
  •  Neurological testing
  •  Postural evaluation
  •  X-rays

Depending on the type of injury or health problem, and the severity, treatment may begin on that visit.  At the conclusion of this visit, home recommendations will be made, and a report of findings will be scheduled.

Second Visit  visit_report

At the conclusion of your first visit, our doctors and team of healthcare professionals have a team meeting to evaluate your case and test results.  This is where we combine the best of each discipline to design a customized treatment plan.  We may order additional tests to confirm or rule out what is causing your health problem.  These tests may include:

  •  Nerve Conduction Velocity / Electromyography Testing (NCV/EMG)
  •  Diagnostic Ultrasound
  •  Doppler Vascular Testing
  •  Computerized Range of Motion Testing
  •  Computerized Muscle Testing
  •  Additional X-rays
  •  Laboratory Testing
  •  MRI or CT Scan
  •  Bone Scan

Based on the results, we will create a treatment program.  At the report of findings, we will review the examination and test findings and go over the details of the recommended treatment program.  We will discuss the benefits of the program and provide options on beginning care.  We will ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed, and that you are comfortable with the treatment recommendations.


Phase 1: Relief Care 



The first phase of care is to provide pain relief as quick as possible.  We will use the most effective treatments available to address the cause of your pain.  This phase may take a few visits to 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the problem.


Phase 2: Corrective / Restorative Care


In this phase, we focus on corrective procedures to address the true cause of your health problem.  We utilize procedures to strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons, reduce degeneration and improve structural alignment.  Injuries to muscles and ligaments can take between 4 weeks and 12 weeks to properly heal.  Although pain may be resolved in 1-2 weeks, maximum functional improvement will not be reached until the ligaments and muscles have fully healed.  This phase is the most important, because not appropriately correcting the ligament and muscle injury, will leave a person with chronic pain and potential functional impairment.  During this phase, we will also recommend home exercises and treatment to ensure the best results and allow you to continue getting better.


Phase 3: Wellness Care

Once your body has healed and the problem has been corrected, we will recommend a wellness program to maintain the results and allow you to continue getting better.  These recommendations will over time allow you to experience a greater level of health.  These recommendations may include periodic rehab and adjustments, specific supplements and dietary changes and home exercises.