Virtual Office Tour

This is where our patients can wait to be adjusted or start on their physical rehab.  There are flat screen monitors around the office where cutting edge health information on various topics is shown.


This is one of our three adjusting rooms.  We have state of the art adjusting tables that allow us to perform many types therapeutic procedures and different techniques to accommodate many different conditions and people.


This is our consultation and examination room.  We first do a comprehensive consultation and history with all of our patients to make sure that they are a candidate for the services that we offer.  If a patient’s problem is not with in our scope of practice, we will refer out to the appropriate doctor.  We offer computerized surface electromyography and thermography, posture evaluation, range of motion evaluation, muscle testing, spinal and muscle palpation, orthopedic and neurological testing, balance and foot evaluation, and x-rays when needed.  We also offer adrenal stress tests and pH test for toxcity.

We also offer enzyme nutrition which is comprehensive system that identifies and treats nutritional problems.  This is extremely helpful for digestive problems such as: heart burn, gastric reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, etc.  This system includes a detailed history, physical exam of your organs, urinalysis, and possibly blood work.  The treatment includes specific enzymes, supplements, detox programs, & diet modification.

This is one of our physical rehab areas.  In this room, our patients do wobble board exercises to help the discs in the lower back.  This helps to prevent disc degeneration and stretches the lower back muscles.  We also use vibration machines, which have many benefits including: strengthening of postural muscles, strengthening bones, increasing blood flow and increasing metabolism.  The last two exercises, when used with postural head weights will improve posture and balance and strengthen postural muscles in the neck and lower back. While doing these exercises, our patients are able to watch our flat screen TV’s with cutting edge health information.

In another area, our patients can do traction for the neck and multiple types of postural exercises.


Dr.’s David and Aimee Slossberg in their office.