Trigger Point Injections


What Are They?

Trigger Points are tight and tender bands of muscles that may be felt as a knot.  Trigger points can can refer or radiate pain to other areas, such as the trigger points in the neck radiating pain up and behind the eye causing headaches.  Trigger points will also prevent normal movement and cause muscle weakness.

How Do They Develop?

Trigger Points develop when muscles are chronically tight and stressed over time.  This common happens when a person’s spine or posture is chronically misaligned.  This causes the muscles to tight and stressed from trying to keep the spine in alignment.  Normally, a healthy muscle is relaxed, similar to “filet mignon”.  When the muscles develop trigger points, from being tight for too long, they turn into a “beef jerky”.  This process makes the muscles more painful and more prone to injury.

How Are Trigger Points Treated?

Our patients get excellent results with our Trigger Point Injection Treatments.  Trigger Point Therapy takes just a few minutes, and is performed by our Medical Doctor or Physician Assistant.
In our office we use a non-toxic, no side effect, natural, plant based anti-inflammatory medicine called SARAPIN.  We also may uses a homeopathic anti-inflammatory medicine called TRAUMEEL.  Both of these, are alternatives to corticosteroids and cortisone injections, because they do not damage or weaken cartilage, bones or tendons and they do not adversely affect blood sugar.  In rare cases, if absolutely indicated, steroid injections are available.
This therapy has helped many of our patients get out of pain quickly.  Our patients are amazed with the results.  If you suffer with pain, call us today to see if you are a candidate for this treatment.

If you are continuing to have problems and symptoms and you are not getting answers, then stop being frustrated?  Help is available!

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