Two thirds of adults are overweight, and weight loss can be a frustrating endeavor. Often, because they do not feel they can reach their healthy weight loss goals on their own, patients seek medical weight loss solutions to assist them. These weight loss programs are often highly effective, utilizing nutritional counseling, dietary supplements, and other medical weight loss tools in order to help patients reach their ideal weight, improving their health and appearance.

Recently, a groundbreaking new treatment has been developed, which provides almost instant results by shrinking fat cells, in a non-invasive process that involves no pain and no recovery time. This process, called Lipo Light Weight Loss, uses light waves to shrink fat cells and target problem areas, providing spot reduction. This is accomplished with pads that are placed directly on the skin, and emit a specific wavelength, which encourages cells to release fat. Once released, the fat is transported through the lymphatic system, and used by the body as energy.

Does using a laser for weight loss seem far-fetched? Remember, light therapy is nothing new, and has been used for years in processes as diverse as chronic pain and hair growth! Using it to shrink fat cells in targeted areas allows patients to lose inches, and see visible results immediately.

This revolutionary new technique amounts to non-surgical liposuction. It requires no anesthesia, causes no bruising, swelling, burning, or pain, and patients have compared it favorably to a hot stone massage. Best used in conjunction with diet and exercise, this laser weight loss treatment allows patients to lose inches, providing visible results almost immediately. By shrinking fat cells in targeted areas, Lipo Light Weight Loss helps patients not only improve their looks, but also benefit their health, by decreasing the risk of weight related health issues like diabetes and heart disease.

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