There are many different types of headaches, including:

  1. Migraines
  2. Tension Headaches
  3. Sinus Headaches
  4. Cervicogenic Headaches
  5. Cluster Headaches
  6. Headaches due to high blood pressure
  7. Headaches due to low blood sugar
  8. Headaches due to stroke or bleeding in the brain
  9. Headaches due to a tumor
  10. Headaches due to meningitis or encephalitis

Finding the true cause to your headache is essential to determining the appropriate treatment.  Many headaches are caused by misalignments of the bones or vertebrae of the neck and weakness or tightnes of the muscles of the neck.  These headaches will respond well to gentile, specific spinal manipulations and physical therapy.  These manipulations or adjustments can be made with instruments or by hand.  Many of the other types of headaches will respond well to diet and nutritional recommendations that improve digestive and hormonal problems.  Before receiving any type of treatment, an emergency situation or a condition requiring referral to a specialist will be ruled out.

At Advanced Healthcare, our team of doctors and healthcare professionals will take the time to appropriately test to determine the true cause of your headache.  This way we can ensure that you are receiving the best treatments to provide quick pain relief.

If you are continuing to have problems and symptoms and you are not getting answers, then stop being frustrated!    Help is available!

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