At Advanced Healthcare, we use state of the art and modern testing to get to root cause of your pain and health problems.  We employ methods that will guarantee that we obtain precise and accurate results to diagnose your condition.

Services performed on-site:

 Diagnostic Ultrasound

Also known as Medical Sonography, it is a medical diagnostic imaging technique that is used to visualize muscles, tendons, joints, nerves and many internal organs.  The images can be used to look for size, structure and any any pathological lesions.  At Advanced Healthcare, we also use Diagnostic Ultrasound for Needle Guidance for during our joint injections.  This ensures that our joint injections go to the exact area that is causing the pain and dysfunction.

Diagnostic Ultrasound does not use any mutagenic ionizing radiation, and therefor is  generally described as a “safe test”.  This test has been around for nearly 50 years, and is one of the most widely used diagnostic test in modern medicine.


Our doctors are trained to take x-rays with our digital x-ray equipment, to use the least amount of radiation possible in order to help diagnose your injury or condition and get to the root of your problem.  Our doctors use theses x-rays to determine (1) how severe your problem is, (2) is there any contraindications to certain types of treatment and (3) whether your condition requires referral to another specialist.  X-rays specifically help with diagnosing fractures, dislocations, arthritic conditions, bone infections and tumors.

NCV Testing (Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing)

NCV Testing is used to test and measure how well your nerves send messages.  Symptoms of nerve problems are pain, weakness, numbness, tingling and burning, especially in the arms or legs.  This test can help diagnose the following conditions sciaticacarpal tunnel syndromeperipheral neuropathyspinal disc herniations, cervical and lumbar radiculopathy

EMG Testing (Electromyography)

EMG Testing can help to diagnose irregular electrical activity in muscles.  This can be caused by pinched nerves, disc herniations, muscle inflammation, and other diseases such as ALS.

 Doppler Vascular Testing

Vascular Testing will determine if a patient has blood flow blockage problems such as, atherosclerosis or peripheral arterial disease (PAD).  Symptoms may include: pain, cold hands or feet, numbness, tingling or weakness.  We use a simple and painless method to get accurate results fast.  This test is instrumental for determining if a patient is at risk for a vascular incident such as heart attack or stroke.

Laboratory Testing

We employ the most up to date and modern laboratory tests to discover the true cause of your health condition.  This may include blood analysis, saliva analysis, urine analysis and stool analysis.

We also employ approaches within Functional Medicine, that use laboratory work and detailed questionnaires to discover hormonal and functional imbalances that address health conditions before they become a full fledged disease.

Physical Examination

We perform comprehensive examinations that include orthopedic, neurological and functional tests to assist in obtaining an accurate diagnosis for your condition.

If you are continuing to have problems and symptoms and you are not getting answers, then stop being frustrated!  Help is available!

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