Having neck pain is well, a pain in the neck. At least 10% of the American population is walking around [or sitting around] with neck pain at all times. While that number may seem low, it definitely tells a story. The story of people living with discomfort every single day and suffering through pain. This pain, though common, may be chronic or in other words, constant.

Another piece of the puzzle here is how this neck pain is starting. What’s the cause? Actually there are several common causes of neck pain, but one of the most common is having poor posture. No big deal, right? Easy fix. Sure, if you don’t have to sit in an office chair day after day for eight or nine hours in the same position staring at a computer screen. Oh yeah, there’s that.

Chronic neck pain frequently begins in the workplace. Hard to believe? Not really, considering the repetition of poor posture day in and day out by unaware desk jockeys. Unfortunately, when left unchecked, sitting with poor posture will wreak serious havoc on the body. Let’s break down exactly why this is such a problem and why ultimately sitting has become the new smoking.

Risk Factors For Chronic Neck Pain In The Work Place

  1. Sitting all day without taking a break
  2. Sitting in a chair that only supports the lumbar area
  3. Having the computer at the wrong distance and height
  4. High stress level in the work place
  5. Working with your head at a 45 degree angle all day

These can all lead to some serious misalignments to your spinal structure, causing interference to the nervous system and disrupting major functions of the body. So of course symptoms are going to start to appear like headaches, neck aches, back aches, among others. When left alone, these seemingly harmless aches and pains will continue to worsen and could cause serious damage or disease. Not worth the risk!

Of course no one really thinks about all those things from day to day while working, at least until the neck pain becomes so unbearable that they’re forced to take action. Even then, it’s usually some ibuprofen or tylenol to get through the day. That’s not how we operate around here. Our intention is to provide you with simple tips and natural solutions that’ll help you not only treat any neck pain you’ve been carrying around but prevent it.

Here’s a look at what proper posture in the workplace looks like, and it addresses nearly every risk factor we mentioned earlier.

Keep this picture in mind day to day and practice the technique of sitting properly when at your computer, whether at the office or at home. Actually, practicing good posture everywhere is a good habit to get into.

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