33769128_sSummer is here, made for lazy days lounging at the pool or relaxing in the hammock. As the temperatures soar and schedules become less hectic, it’s natural to want to take it easy, but new research suggests that we should focus on our fitness during the summer months. Getting exercise on a regular basis during the summer months not only keeps you in good shape for your weekend adventures, but it can also have a positive impact on your brain.  

  • Don’t save your strength for the big adventures. In the summer, we often plan long days of activity, whether it’s swimming in the ocean or hiking a mountain trail. If you’re not in the habit of exercising regularly, however, these activities will be more difficult, and you’ll be more prone to injury. Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day will keep you in good condition, so you can handle the workout you get during your free time.
  • Exercise regularly for better brain power. Exercise helps you stay alert and focused, because it increases blood flow, delivering oxygen and glucose to your brain. It also promotes the growth of brain cells by producing a protein called brain-derived neurotropic factor, which causes brain cells to grow, branch out, and form new connections. When you exercise, you’re not only improving your bodily coordination, but also your higher cognitive functions of attention, memory and multi-tasking. There’s also evidence to support the benefit of physical exercise for staving off dementia in the elderly.
  • Make it a family affair. When the kids are out of school, it’s a great time to establish a family fitness routine. As an added bonus, they’ll be building new brain cells! Numerous studies have shown that exercise promotes healthy brain development in children, actually changing the size and shape of the brain. Staying active during the summer months is a fun way to combat the learning loss that educators and parents worry about between school years.

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body and brain, throughout the entire year. At our clinic, we believe in promoting body and brain health by embracing an integrated approach to health care that looks at the whole person, not just a collection of symptoms and body parts. To learn how to live your best life, achieving your optimal wellness potential, visit our website or call us for a free consultation.