Couples (1)This time of year, when the icy chill drives us indoors, it’s tempting to spend as much time as possible cuddled up and immobile. The couch calls to us, and even date night seems a good time to sit in front of a fire or curl up with a DVD. No wonder so many people gain weight in the winter! If you and your sweetheart are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, though, you can use date night as a way to encourage each other to be active, and do things to benefit your hearts.  

  • Take a class together. Whether it’s Zumba or yoga, Salsa or Ballroom, there are classes that will get your hearts pumping and teach you something new. There’s sure to be one that fits your personalities, so check out community centers, dance studios, and gyms near to learn about your opportunities.
  • Find a place for new and exciting indoor recreation. Have you ever gone rock climbing or indoor sky-diving? Another idea that may be new to you is an indoor trampoline park, where you can expend a lot of energy, get your heart racing, and feel like you’re flying!
  • Go bowling or skating! Feel like a kid again, gliding around the rink on ice or roller skates, or hit the lanes with your sweetie. You’ll have fun, probably laugh, and get some healthy exercise at the same time.
  • Make a heart healthy meal together. Cooking together requires cooperation and interaction, and can be a fun and bonding activity. Take it a few steps further, planning a meal and shopping at the farmer’s market together, before coming home to make a delicious and healthful meal.
  • Bundle up and go outside. When the weather outside is not too frightful, it may be a good time to put on your hats, scarves, gloves, and coats, and go out for a walk. It’s a simple activity for date night, but one that allows for plenty of conversation and interaction.

Staying active is an important time of living a healthy lifestyle. At our clinic, we support patients who are trying to be more active, as we work to help them live their best lives, achieving optimal wellness. Visit our website to learn how we can help you, or call today for your free consultation.