Unhappy Depressed Young ManHair thinning, fatigue, diminished libido, erectile dysfunction… whoever said “getting old is for the birds” obviously had some experience with aging. The symptoms associated with low testosterone negatively impact a person’s life in a fairly significant way. As we grow older, and we look forward to retiring, playing golf, traveling with our loved one. Instead, we sleep restlessly, begin losing hair, and aren’t able to enjoy many of life’s simplest pleasures!

Many patients assume that there is no solution to their aggravating symptoms, since low testosterone complications mirror natural aging: lack of energy, weight gain, loss in muscle tone, mild depression, irritability, and lack of interest in sex.

In addition to immediate, daily symptoms, low testosterone can also lead to more serious health conditions. Hormone imbalance is linked to accelerated aging, diabetes, increased blood pressure and heart disease.

Our clinic sees patients daily who are limping through life as a result of low testosterone. And the good news is we are able to help! First, our physical medicine team will perform a thorough evaluation and some simple diagnostic tests to determine that low testosterone really is to blame for your frustrating symptoms.  We evaluate hormone levels through a simple blood analysis, performed on-site for your comfort and convenience.  Once the root of your symptoms is uncovered, we will put together an all natural, safe, effective treatment plan that may incorporate a variety of physical medicine techniques to ensure your body regains hormone balance.

Regulating hormone balance often requires natural supplements, nutrition adjustments, and hormone injections. The hormone therapy we use is non-synthetic and bio-identical, meaning that we are supplementing your hormone levels with substances found naturally in the body.  We will also talk with you about diet and exercise, to ensure your body has all the resources it needs to maintain good health.

Low testosterone and hormone imbalance are treatable, and also necessary to ensure you live a healthy, vigorous life.